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My fiance bought a diamond ring from MA Jewelry Design mostly based on the good reviews from Amazon. They offer discounted diamond rings that appear to be a great deal. The main diamond came loose after 9 months of owning it and this sometimes happens with diamonds. We took it in to a jewelry store to tighten the diamonds and we also got an appraisal at this time. We were shocked to find out the main center stone was a fracture filled diamond which was not disclosed to us at the time of purchase. The carat weight was also much smaller than what the MA Jewelry Design website claimed. The overall total carat weight was also smaller than what was claimed. The clarity was the lowest grade because of the fracture filled diamond. Also the appraisal they send with the rings are complete BS and phony. The Gemological Institute of America refuse to issue certificates for fracture-filled diamonds. The fact is that the seller is in violation of Federal Law because they have failed to CLEARLY disclose the FACT that the diamond they listed for sale was FRACTURE FILLED - they merely say that it is "enhanced" and that has been determined by the Federal Trade Commission not to be adequate disclosure of treatment.

Beware of what you buy online as there nothing as a free lunch. Since MA Jewelry Design only has a 30 day return policy- get your rings appraised AS SOON AS YOU RECEIVE IT. Be aware of what they mean when you see "CLARITY ENHANCED"- which means laser drilling or fracture filling. You need to be aware if you are buying a fracture filled diamond. This is a huge concern because if another jeweler works on a fracture filled diamond without knowing it is fracture filled- the diamond can shatter.

We contacted MA Jewelry Design about our concerns and all they did was email us back defending their phony appraisal saying our appraisal was crooked and that it is really hard to estimate the actual carat weight. REALLY?????? I wouldn't buy from this company again unless you are willing to pay less for a glass filled diamond that shatter at any time. Or you like expensive costume jewelry. $4000 is still a lot of money to spend on a piece of junk. VERY DISAPPOINTED with the product MA Jewelry Design sells and more DISAPPOINTED by their response and customer service. Save your money and buy from a jewelry store. DO NOT BUY FROM MA JEWELRY DESIGN!

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M. A. Jewelry Designs Corp.

This "piece of junk" that Kaina supposedly received wasn't too junky for her to wear for a whole year before this problem arose.Like Logan, Kaina here has no understanding of the regulations the FTC publishes.

The FTC clearly states in their regulations that if a diamond being sold online has been enhanced it should say so within the item's description. We mentioned the diamond's enhancement twice on the item page. Also FTC regulations ARE NOT LAW, the FTC is not a law enforcement organization. Implying that we are "in violation of Federal Law" is paramount to slander.

Basically Kaina's complaint is a mirror of the complaints her boyfriend Logan has been posting, the difference it she has less of a clue about the situation that he does.

We made our offer to resolve this, they instead refused it and began posting these EXACT complaints wherever they could.There is no reason this matter couldn't be resolved, if they had been willing to discuss this personally on the phone instead of hiding behind anonymous posts full of misinformation trying to generate sympathy over the fact that both individuals were never willing to negotiate.

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